6/2015-Enumclaw Fire Department/KCFD #28 would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our elementary schools (Kibler Elementary, Sunrise Elementary, Southwood Elementary, and Westwood Elementary) for their involvement with the 1st Grade Fire Safety Program!  We are delighted to announce that we were able to visit every first grader in our fire district this year!!

Each year, Enumclaw Fire Department/KCFD #28 visits each first grade class in our district and holds a presentation on Fire and Life Safety.  Our objective is to allow students to learn and explore fire safety in a safe and interactive environment. By introducing students to a positive experience with firefighters, we hope to teach valuable lessons for preventing emergency situations and to help reduce anxiety and fear during a real emergency.

During each classroom presentation, firefighters talk on subjects using age appropriate curriculum.

We cover topics including:

“What is an emergency?”

How to call 911

Smoke Alarms

Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll

Family Fire Escape Plans

Helmets and Seatbelts

Tools vs Toys

Lighters/Matches are NOT Toys

Stranger Danger